Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Field

There is a large field that separates our house from the hospital.  Most days I cross this field 3 or 4 times going back and forth to the hospital.  The field has on it a church, a soccer field, and three large palm trees.  At anytime, this field may also be filled with children playing soccer, goats or cows grazing, farmers crossing with hoes slung over their shoulders, or a variety of other scenes of daily life in Burundi.  I have grown to love this field.  The field itself has paths dug across it, which from a birdseye perspective, transform it into the shape of the Burundian flag, with the three palm trees serving as the three stars at the center of the flag.  Rumor has it that the president of Burundi has visited Kibuye several times and has commented on his fondness for this field (a source of much pride for the people of Kibuye).

One thing I love about this field is the sky above it.  It is crystal blue, and as you turn around 360 degrees, you get a sense that you are truly in the heart of Africa, enjoying the splendor and majesty of this created landscape.  I realize that the sky here is no different than the sky I normally look at back home, however, it somehow looks different to me here.  I suppose it is a matter of perspective, as the same object can appear largely different when viewed from different angles.  And I am again filled with gratitude for the daily opportunity to see the beauty of this world, from a very different place and a very different perspective.  

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  1. It is like the parking lot in Skagit valley between the call house and the hospital. I revel in its majesty all the time:)