Sunday, December 21, 2014

Scrubin' In

December at Kibuye has a very different feel because there are no students here.  The last group finished at the end of November, and the next group does not arrive until January.  In some ways this means more work for those of us who are not students, and in other ways, it means less.  The OR feels especially different, because for most of the year, there are about a dozen students observing or scrubbing in for each case.  So, being the opportunistic parasite that I am, I decided to take this time to ask Rachel (our OB/GYN) if I could scrub in with her for a C section.  She graciously said yes, and Thursday I got to do something I haven't gotten to do since my intern year ... scrub in to an operation.

It was great fun, and I am happy to report that both mom and baby survived the operation.  I asked Jacky, our anesthetist, to take a few photos.

I think this photo displays the confidence with which I carried out the operation.

I think this photo displays the regret that Rachel immediately felt in agreeing to let me "help her".

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  1. I would have loved to have had you at the birth of Miss Paige. That is one lucky mama!