Saturday, December 6, 2014

Emotional Roller Coaster

Life here is filled with moments of encouragement as well as moments of discouragement.  I suppose my life was similar in this regard back home, however, here the lows seem to be a little bit lower and the highs seem to be a little higher.  Last week was one of those high moments.  The group of medical students rotating at Kibuye for the past 4 months finished their rotations and returned to Bujumbura.  Although it was sad to say goodbye to so many new friends, the week was filled with listening to students share about their experiences at Kibuye and the teaching they received, some of them sharing this with tears in their eyes.  They were all so grateful for the training they had received under our team, as well as the national doctors at Kibuye.  

Thursday night we had our final Bible study with the students.  At the end of the evening we sang worship songs together in French and Kirundi, and the students shared with us how much their time at Kibuye meant to them.  While at Kibuye, some of these students took time twice a week to gather their money, and visit the same patients they were caring for, sharing the gospel and paying for medications, food and even soap for some of the poorest patients in our hospital.  

Friday night the students threw a party at their dormitory and invited all the attending physicians and their families to join them for music, dancing and food.  It was a beautiful evening, filled with laughter and joy, and was yet another reminder for me of why God has called me here.  

Eric awarded stethoscopes to the 5 top scoring students.  

a video!

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