Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Every since we adopted Biniyam and Mekdes, we have wanted to return to Ethiopia as a family.  So, we hatched an elaborate plot.  We decided to move to Burundi for 9 months, so that we could take a week of that time to fly to Ethiopia, on a much shorter flight, and for a much cheaper price.

For those of you who have been following Ella's blog, you have probably figured out that we are in Ethiopia this week.  Since the kids are on spring break (yes, it is always spring in Burundi), we thought this would be a good week to travel.  We have been having a wonderful time, spending time with our friends Birtukan and Nesibu, eating delicious Ethiopian food, and now en route to Awassa, in the south of Ethiopia to visit the birthplace of both Bini and Mekdes.  We love Ethiopia, and our time here has been wonderful.  We love the culture, the people, the food ... even the weather.  Of course, how could we not love a country that gave us 2 out of 3 of the greatest gifts we have ever received.

This is my seventh time visiting Ethiopia and Stephanie's fourth.  We used to think we were sort of "roughing it" when we travelled to Ethiopia.  Now, after 6 months in Burundi, Addis Ababa feels like the lap of luxury.  There is shopping, great restaurants, and fast(er) internet.  This got me thinking, where in the world could we spend 6 months after which BURUNDI would feel like the lap of luxury .... maybe Florida?

A few picutres, more to follow at a later date.

We stopped at this lake on our way to Awassa today for lunch.  They had an amazing assortment of birds, as well as a few large turtles.

Sunset over Lake Awassa.

Biniyam passed out in the back after an afternoon of swimming at the Sheraton.

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  1. Glad that you're having a good time there in beautiful Ethiopia, but we miss you guys here at Kibuye! Enjoy some shiro for us. We're looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing all about your trip ... and mostly looking forward to having you all back here! : )