Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our quirky house

We really do love our house here in Burundi.  From what we know, it was built in the early 1980s and was the home of Frank Ogden, an American missionary surgeon who lived here for many years (for those of you employees of Skagit Valley Hospital, Frank worked for a period of time at SVH during the Burundian civil war .... small world).  We love the yard with all of its beautiful trees and flowers, we love all the space we have inside (much more than we expected).  However, there are a few things about our house that I can only describe as .... quirky.  Such as:

This cheetah skin hanging on one of our walls

Or this machete and spear which we found in our bedroom the day we moved in.  I like to imagine Frank using these to fend off attacking lions.  Although, I dont think there are any lions around here.

Or this antique phone .... ironically hanging right above the internet modem.

And this, my favorite part of our quirky house .... electricity central.  In the middle of this rats nest of wires is a switch which we have to turn on everytime we want to take a hot shower.  Some days, this elicits a small spark, which is very exciting.  Dont worry grandparents, we have STRICTLY forbidden our children from EVER entering this room.

Home sweet home.


  1. Oh thank you!!! I loved seeing the inside - very Indiana Jones-ish. The electrical center - looks a bit like a robot without its clothes on. ;)
    what a spectacular adventure for a spectacular family!!!
    We love you so much!!!

  2. ha!!! the electrical center is my favorite! reminds me of uganda. i remember getting shocked by the switch to turn on the water heater in uganda and that is was right next to shower. ;)