Friday, September 12, 2014

Let the School Year Begin!

There has been Great excitement this week as our kids have started school here at Kibuye Hope Academy. The school is a very cute building with 2 classrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.  Excitement is added to the structure by the fact that there are two bats hanging from the external rafters of the school, about 5 feet from the schoolhouse door.  I see some science lessons on bats in our children’s future.  

There are a total of 8 children attending Kibuye Hope Academy, all are the children of the team of American doctors that we have joined here.  There are four “older girls” including Ella and Mekdes, who range from 2nd to 4th grade, and four kindergarteners. 

Two of the mothers here are teachers by profession, we are so grateful that they were able to use there educational knowledge to pick out the curriculum and arrange the class schedules as well as teach our kids some of their subjects.  

We also have one full time teacher, a young woman from Canada who arrived at the same time we did.  She is very personable and our kids adore her.  

I’m also doing some teaching this year. I’m teaching history to the kindergarteners and science to the older girls. I’m also teaching Mekdes her math and language arts, as she is the only 3rd grader.  

I took some great pictures on the first day of school, but alas, the SD card was not in my camera… so here are some pictures from the second day of school.  

After school on the second day the kids had arranged a celebration at “guava fort” ( the guava tree in the school yard that they made into a fort last week). There was popcorn, flavored water and singing.  It was a lovely event.  


  1. So cool, Steph!
    I am excited to hear about abroad school.
    And thank you for the pictures - we get to see your new home and the kids!

  2. We miss you guys but glad it is going so well!

  3. kids look precious! Hope you are enjoying this new venture into teaching:)!

  4. Excited for the kids and the school. Praying for the sund family!

  5. So exciting! Loving all these updates. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Xoxo